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Come on in and try one on for size. There's no obligation except to yourself to choose the one that's right for you. Can you really choose a guitar from a three inch photo online to save a few dollars? We match advertised prices of major online retailers like Musician's Friend.

Play it, then come back and play it again so you'll find the one that feels right for you. We'll even set it up to suit your personal taste.

Amazing low prices on entry level acoustic and electric guitars. We match or beat the super-stores prices, with better quality and service before, during, and after the sale!!

We carry wide selection guitars, both electric and acoustic for all players, from the smallest, inexpensive beginner guitars to fantastic professional models. We have exactly what you're looking for and great service after the sale. Check out these brands we carry:

Art & Lutherie | Crafter | Fender | Godin | Gretsch | Guild | Heritage

Hofner | Jackson | Larrivee | Oscar Schmidt | Peavey

Samick | Simon & Patrick | Squire | Takamine | Washburn

You'll also find an array of bass guitars for adding to the 'bottom' line plus Gold Tone and Morgan Monroe banjos, mandolins and Kala ukes. We offer deals on beginner acoustic guitar, electric and bass guitar packs. Check us out for quality service and savings.

  Electric models - We carry wide range of electric solid body guitars from ranging from the older traditional brands to some of the great newer companies on the scene. The body styles, colors and finished models are impressive and more so to hold in your hands. There are electric guitars for every play from the beginner to the seasoned professional. Try one today.
  Acoustics - Ah, the clean, clear, crisp sound of wood. Some of today's inexpensive acoustics sound pretty good and the more you invest the better it gets. Price matters but that's true in all things. What counts is you'll get good value and a great instrument as well. We'll set it up for the way you play and help choose the best strings too.
  Bass guitars - Our selection of bass guitars allows you to find one with just the sound and feel you are looking for. We carry the performance instrument necessary for whatever music style you choose and at prices you'll love. Check out all the brands and models for that special bass guitar now.
  Pedal Steel guitars - We have a limited number of pedal steels in our stores. Various configuruations of necks and pedals alone make it difficult to stock and display these specialized instruments. Why not call Dyke Corson today and get the information you need for the best choice of a pedal steel and also the best vvalue.  Steel Guitar Forum
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