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The days of the podium microphone and 15 watt amp have slipped by the wayside. The church has grown in many ways and so have the needs of sound reinforcement. What's the point if those in the back of the sanctuary can't hear hear what's going on up in front?

Church sound systems have many challenges as contemporary worship has now included every-thing from rock bands to string quartets and acoustic solos.

All agree that good sound is what's needed to support the good news!

We're experienced in the design and installation of worship service systems with their special needs ranging from voice and bands to multimedia presentations. It's important that each seat in the sanctuary be able to receive a quality listening experience. Today, music is an integral part of the worship service and the installation must be up to the task.

Our reputation is second to none. We also have a policy of advising and providing exactly what is required without adding cost for any unnecessary bells and whistles. Our approach to church systems is the same as our general retail concept, take care of the customers needs and you'll insure satisfaction in the end. Putting customers first is our policy because it works for both. Good stewardship is valued for the church pastor and Corson Music too.

We're the only music store in C-U offerings an annual church sound clinic and at no cost to the participant. These programs feature Kent Morris, who owns his own sound company and is a live sound engineer for Tommy Walker, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and Israel Houghton. He serves as a senior pastor for his church in Atlanta, Ga.

Audio Worthy of Worship Seminar

"Kent Morris delivers a bridge-building perspective to the technical arena. He is a live sound engineer for Tommy Walker, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and Israel Houghton and served as a senior pastor for a decade.

He has been a member of the Audio Engineering Society for twenty years and teachesfor NAMM, NSCA, NAB, LDI and NRB on church technology issues. As an engineer and instructor for Integrity Media and Maranatha! Music since 1996, he has taught thousands of worship techs how to provide “Media Worthy of Worship.”


He's an audio/video system designer with Cornerstone Media, whose clients include Mt. Paran Church of God and In Touch Ministries. Kent is an editor and writer for several magazines including Worship Leader, Your Church, Church Production, Live Sound and Technologies for Worship. Kent's presentations are said to be some of the best nationally. You can get on our mailing list for updates.

This year's seminar was in February , 'Audio Worthy of Worship ' was at the Urbana Holiday Inn. The evening of information was also entertaining and a $300 microphone was given away. The event was a complete success and we look forward to seeing you next year.

If you'd like more information about options, installation or a quote, please contact us at 217.352.1477. You can also email us as well. We'll setup a consultation at your convenience. We're always ready to help you get the process going.


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